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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

And so to the beach…

Time to take Mrs H to some sun and sea.

Meanwhile lots to look forward to on the return. The Walker review published this week, remains open for consultation on disclosure by the private equity industry. The EU continues to ponder one share one vote. And what will the FSA conclude in its deliberations on CFD’s?

And what will best practice Interim Management Statements look like? Lots of variation in the early examples, mostly retailers.

Meanwhile, at end of a busy first half year in the US, the SEC is looking for great things from its corporate reporting committee. And whether some of the ‘hints’ from Chairman Cox’s remarks come to pass will be interesting to watch. An end to soft dollaring (which it seems many would welcome), and the interesting idea of encouraging investors to debate (anonymously) issues with company through a blog.

Will some of these be clarified during the coming months?

Lots to consider on my deck chair.


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